As arborists we have an ethical responsibility to retain and maintain the urban forest as much as we possibly can. However in some cases a tree may need to be removed for various reason. The tree might be damaged or have a compromised structure and therefore may present a threat or an aerial hazard. In this case that tree will need to be removed by an experienced crew of practicing arborists.

There is always the case of weed species. A weed can be described more accurately by your local Council and they will often provide a weed species list. In Brisbane, the Brisbane City Council do provide a thorough list of woody weeds that should be considered for removal. In most but not all cases, these weeds need to be removed as they have the ability to pose environmental issues and conflict with native flora and fauna.

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Trees planted or trees that have grown in the wrong place are often considered for removal. This could mean a tree is growing too close to a structure or power line, or the tree is simply the wrong species to be in that place. This is often hard to define and an arborist will need to consider all factors relating to each individual case prior to the removal of nuisance trees, as this can be a subjective decision for the tree keeper and those who reside or live near the tree.

Once a tree has been marked for removal, those arborists invited o tender for the service of tree removal will tender a cost based on all the variances of the tree, the site and any risks or hazards that may exist. Once a thorough assessment of the site and tree has been completed, then a methodology should be created. The methodology provides the arborists and their team a plan of how to coduct the tree removal. The methodology also allows the client an understanding of what to expect and how the job is going to take place. This is also a good reminder for the client to enquire about relevant insurance and qualifications.

At this stage the arborist will make sure that the proposed removal is compliant with any regulatory bodies involved in Vegetation Protection. In the Case of the Brisbane City Council, a Vegetation Protection Order (“VPO”) may be the result of the Natural Asset Local Law (“NALL”). The NALL is a series of laws put into place to help protect natural assets such as significant or valuable trees. Not all trees are protected however it is both the responsibility of the arborist and the tree keeper to make sure all compliancy is in order and that there are no breaches of the VPO. This can often bring penalties if breached.

When all compliancy and methodologies have been accepted and the tree is ready for removal, the team of arborists will select a suitable time to conduct these works.

There are many methods for tree removal and the client or tree keeper must be confident that they have chosen the right team that will display skills and qualities to give them confidence that the job will be done right.

A basic arborist crew will be made up of at least one Cert V arborist, at least one rescue climber, and two additional ground staff, of which all should be suitably qualified and competent in all activities involved in daily tree works operations.

A quality and experienced practicing arborist will be able to access most trees in the urban environment and begin the procedure of removing well considered pieces of the tree via specifically designed rigging systems. At this stage, the entire crew is focused on the tree and the climber and will be working in a safe and efficient way. By roping out branches, the team is able to safely control the decent of the removed portion of tree. Once the removed portions are removed and placed on the ground, the team will begin to process this material and get it to the wood chipper and truck. Usually the wood chipper and truck are strategically placed for ease of operation and safety.

The complexities’ of tree removal are vast and it is important hat the client feels confident in their choice. It is all too easy and common that ‘cowboy’ operators are injured and will damage property during this process. This can be easily avoided.

Yes, the job is difficult and does also present dangers and risks however a fully qualified and experienced team of practicing arborists with all their training and qualifications intact can conduct very technical tree removal procedures without issues or problems.

Once all the tree is safely to the ground and the climber has finished their descent, the site is cleaned up and all material is taken away. Another successful day at work, all is safe and the client is happy. That is the real practice of an arborist.

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