Arborist Reports Brisbane

An Arborist tree report is a legal document stating the evidence acquired from a tree assessment.

Only a certified Arborist (AQF level 5) can submit this report. In many cases an Arborist report is essential prior to the commencement of any tree works. These cases include; Works on protected vegetation; Works around or near protected vegetation; disputes over vegetation and in Vegetation Impact Management.

In many cases certain Acts and Standards may be applicable to the report. These may include; Natural Assets Local Law 2003; Dividing fences Act Qld 2011; and Australian Standards 4373 & 4970. As laws and guidelines these controls help to manage the urban forest in an ever developing city.

Not all trees have to be old, large, significant or even under dispute to require an Arborist tree report.  Some trees are special or sentimental to their keepers, some vegetation will exist in public spaces and some might be on the brink of failure or death.

In any case an Arborist tree report will contain the following information to help deliver vital information to those who seek to know. The report should include; the credentials of the Arborist conducting the report;  when and where the inspection took place; the dimensions and location of the tree;  evidence concerning the  condition and structural integrity of the tree; methods used to ascertain evidence and any recommendations and maintenance plans used to manage the tree.

With all this information compiled in the report you are now able to submit this document to the relevant authorities or recipients requesting it.  The information is also quite helpful to the tree keeper so as to keep them in touch with their tree and understand how and why it has become the feature it is.

If you require an Arborists Report in Brisbane, please contact Evergreen Tree Care to arrange a time for one of our fully qualified level 5 Arborists to inspect the tree and make a report.

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